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Applications of Czech hops in the brewing industry 2016

hlavkaBohemia Hop in cooperation with the Hop Research Institute in Zatec organized a gathering and educational session focused on the application of Czech hops in the brewing industry that took place on 28th April 2016. This traditional event is an opportunity for brewers and other experts related to the brewing industry to meet, mingle and mutually share their experiences. This year, almost 100 participants gathered at the Hop Research Institute to learn about the current trends in the hop and brewing industries and to taste and evaluate beers brewed from Czech hop varieties in the experimental brewery at the Hop Research Institute.  


Report and results

Saaz Half Marathon and 10 km Race

The start of The Half Marathon
The start of The Half Marathon

The start of The Half Marathon
The start of the 10km race
Zdeněk Rosa, Bohemia Hop, at the finish gate
Zdeněk Rosa is finishing the 10 km race
Jiří Sládek, Chmelařství, is finishing the 10 km race

Bohemia Hop supported the traditional Saaz Half Marthon and 10 km race that took place on Sunday 17th April 2016 in our town Saaz. Besides that, Bohemia Hop and Chmelarstvi actively attended this running event. Great atmosphere and good weather conditions encouraged runners to achieve very good results. Bohemia Hop congratulates all runners and all people from support teams. 




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crop report slide Central institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (CISTA) announced the final crop results for 2015. The total hop harvest in the Czech Republic reached 4 843 t of hops. Thus, the average yield reached 1,05 t/ha. The crop of Saaz variety in Saaz region recorded a significant drop by 1 152 t in comparison to the previous year. Thus, the average yield of Saaz in Saaz region reached only 0,91 t/ha compared to 1,31 t/ha in 2014.

The total production was down by 1 359 t compared to 2014 and by 487 t compared to 2013. 


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BrauBeviale 2015 in Nürnberg


Bohemia Hop participated in the Brau Beviale 2015 in Nürnberg. Over 37.000 visitors from 132 countries visited this exhibition where 1.083 exhibitors from 49 countries presented their stands.Bohemia Hop as a traditional exhibitor had following beers on tap:

1. Lager 12° Plato; IBU 30; Saaz single-hop beer

2. Lager 12° Plato; IBU 27; Kazbek single-hop beer

3. IPA 14,9° Plato; IBU 65; Agnus (1st hop addition) + Kazbek (2nd hop addition) + Kazbek (3rd hop addition) + Kazbek (dry hopping)

4. Wheat, 13° Plato; IBU 24; Kazbek (dry hopping)

Our beers were made in The Experimental Brewery that belongs to The Hop Research Institute in Zatec.

All visitors enjoyed our beers and hospitality at our booth. 

Our team would like to thank all visitors and people related with the exhibition.