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Mr. Zdenek Rosa, chairman of Bohemia Hop a.s., and Mr. Josef Patzak, director of Hop Reasearch Institute

Bohemia Hop in cooperation with the Hop Research Institute in Zatec organized a traditional seminar on „Application of Czech Hops in the Brewing Industry” that took place on 22nd April 2015. Almost 100 participants from Czech breweries and other experts related with brewing industry gathered at the Hop Research Institute to learn about the current trends in the hop and brewing industry and to taste and evaluate beers brewed from Czech hop varieties in a trial brewery of the Hop research institute.  The seminar topics and beer samples were focused on dry hopping.


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Czech beer – a treasure of the Czech Republic

TitulkaPublication issued in cooperation with the Czech Beer and Malt Association focused to make foreign public familiar with a tradition of beer brewing in the Czech Republic. 


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Czech hop production: 6.202 t of hops

crop report slide


Central stitute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (CISTA) announced the final crop results for 2014. The total hop harvest in the Czech Republic reached 6.202 t of hops. The average yield was 1,39 t/ha.

 The total production was up by 872 t compare to 2013 and by 1 864 t compare to 2012. 


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Zdeněk Rosa and Mrs. Hamouzova agreed on future cooperation


The first meeting between representatives of Chmelrastvi, Hop Growers Union of the Czech Republic and Mrs. Hamouzova, newly elected senator in Saaz and Rakovnik district, took place on 2nd December 2014. Both districts represent a significant part of Saaz hop growing region. All participents of the meeting agreed on close future cooperation. Primiraly, representatives of Czech growers congratulated Mrs. Hamouzova to the elections and wished her a succes in new role.

Representatives of Czech growers that participated in meeting: Mgr. Zdeněk Rosa, Ing. Petr Palán a ing. Michal Kovařík.

BrauBeviale 2014 in Nürnberg

The new booth of Bohemia Hop


Bohemia Hop participated in the Brau Beviale 2104 in Nürnberg. Many participants visited our new booth where they could taste beers brewed exclusively for this event. There were following beers on tap:

1. Lager 12,4° Plato; Agnus variety (1st hop addition) + Sládek variety (2nd hop addition) + Kazbek (3rd hop addition)

2. Lager 12,2° Plato; Saaz variety (pellets for 1st addition) + Saaz variety (green hops for 2nd and 3rd hop addition)

3. IPA 14,3° Plato; Premiant (1st hop addition) + Sladek (2nd hop addition) + Kazbek (3rd hop addition) + Kazbek (dry hopping - pellets; whole leaf hops; green hops)

All visitors enjoyed our beers and hospitality at our booth. 

Our team would like to thank all visitors and people related with the exhibition.