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Dear business friends,

The Bohemia Hop company is the bearer of the Czech hop growing tradition. Growing and trading hops in the Czech Republic has been known worldwide for many centuries. That is why the company's trade mark contains an old expression for the Czech country - Bohemia.

Quality of the Czech hops and beer domiciliated through all over the world.

Both have become world renowned standards for quality. Fine aroma hops - Saaz - often called also" Czech noble aroma hop " is nowdays used for brewing excellent beer in all continents. World significant breweries use this variety especially for brewing "premium" type of beer.

The aim of our company is to continue in the long tradition and to be always a superior and reliable partner for all our customers buying our hops.

Besides the main variety Saaz we can also offer other Czech varieties including Sladek, Premiant, Bohemie, Kazbek or Saaz Late.

Zdenek Rosa - Board chairman

Bohemia Hop a.s. - Czech hops worldwide

The Bohemia Hop joint-stock company was established in March 1991 as an important business part of the system where the spine is formed by most of the Czech hop growers associated in Chmelarstvi, cooperative Zatec.

The main aim of the company is to purchase hops from growers and to sell the processed hops to domestic as well as foreign customers. Besides this the company´s efforts are also focused on consulting services in the area of production and processing of hops.

The Bohemia Hop joint-stock company significantly participated in the creation of a full value market situation in the area of hop growing, processing and sales. It also participates in the financing of hop production thus guaranteeing economic stability for the hop growers and their long-term security.

The aim of the company´s strategy for the future is a continual improvement of services to all its business partners and ensuring the stability and high appreciation of SAAZ hops and another varieties in the domestic and foreign hop markets.

Major shareholder of Bohemia Hop is Chmelarstvi, cooperative Zatec which is an organisation with the longest tradition in the hop-growing industry in the Czech Republic. Chmelarství is comprising majority of Czech hop-growers in the Czech Republic.

Chmelařství, cooperative Zatec is processing hops for us. Since 1999 is this company a holder of the quality certificate ISO 9001:2000, the certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14 001:2004 and the certificate HACCP.