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Pressed hops

pressed hops

Hops after homogenisation and cleaning are packed into cylindrical or quadratic bales depending on the customer's request.

Pellets 90

hop pellets 90

During production of type 90 pellets hops after homogenisation are milled, granulated and packed in an ecological material filled with inert gas. The advantage of this processing is a longer storage life, less requirements on space during transport and storage, better dosage in breweries, and easier handling.

Pellets 45

hop pellets 45

During production of concentrated pellets 45 a higher concetration of bitter agents is achieved in a mechanical way. The advantages are minimal requirements on the storage and transport capacity, higher contents of bitter agents and their standardization, lower contents of heavy metals. Our new pelletation line is one of the state-of-the-art device where the entire process of granulation is controlled by a computer which simultaneously records and archives data on the progress of packing. The line complies with the highest requirements on health safety of the product being processed.

Technical Data:

Pressed Hops: weight of bales: from 50-150 kg
Pelleted Hops: ø 6 mm, variable lengths
Bags: from 5 - 20 kg (or depending on the required contents of alpha)
Heavy packing: 90-150 kg
Inert atmosphere: N2/CO2 (or the ratio depending on the costumer's wish)

Cold storage

cold storage hop

In corporation with Chmelarstvi we also offer storing hops in a new cold storage with a new system of stocking and manipulation that enables Chmelarstvi to store raw hops as well as all processed hops contracted by Bohemia Hop.

Experimental brewery

experimental brewery

In corporation with Hop Research Institut, Ltd. we offer for our customers trial brewing with our hops according their request.